Public Health Modernization In Iowa Policy Statement

Iowa Counties Public Health Association

Public Health Modernization In Iowa

Policy Statement

Public Health Modernization:  (Doug)

Allow IDPH to have a fund to support PHM activities.  Keep the funding separate.  Do not increase mandates if access to the funding.  Volunteer to enroll in the funding opportunity.

Support for Public Health Modernization at the State and Local Level:



For nearly a decade Iowa has been developing a set of standards for public health performance in order to articulate what all Iowans should be able to expect from their public health system.  The standards were adopted in 2009 and with revisions adopted 2011 based on feedback from pilot test sites.  The standards, which are voluntary, now include sample metrics and guidance to aid local Boards of Health and local public health agencies in meeting these standards.  Passage of the Public Health Modernization Act in 2009 allowed IDPH to establish a Modernization Fund and directed the department to develop rules to, among other things, implement an accreditation process and evaluate the effect of the new standards.

Funding to support modernization efforts has been minimal.  Some grant funds have been secured to pilot the accreditation process.  However, the process of meeting all of the standards and assessing compliance with the standards will require significant and dedicated resources on the part of local Boards of Health and the Iowa Department of Public Health.  As the leader in


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