Woman gets eyebrow transplant with hair from head – but now has to keep cutting them

A woman who over-plucked her eyebrows as a teenager has undergone an eyebrow transplant using hair from her head – but she now needs to get them cut back once a month.

Isabelle Kutxi used to spend 30 minutes every morning drawing on brows, but after being desperate to have “thick and fluffy” brows, she decided to go under the knife for an eyebrow transplant.

The procedure took three hours and involved having individual follicles taken from the back of the 36-year-old’s head and inserted into the sparse areas of her eyebrows by hand.

And looking into the mirror after the procedure was an emotional moment for the beauty brand community manager, who said she burst into tears when she first saw her full brows.

Isabelle’s new look has just one drawback though – she has to get her eyebrows trimmed every month because the hairs grow as fast as the hair on her head.

She said: “The fun fact is that the hair is still growing like real [head] hair. They don’t stop growing like eyebrows, they can grow really long if you don’t cut them.

“Every month I go to have my eyebrows cut like hair by a friend because I don’t want to do something bad.

“It’s worth it to have the eyebrows that I want.”

Isabelle had the procedure done in Poland, where she paid £1,500 instead of the £5,000 she’d been quoted in the UK, and said she fully trusted her doctor with the shape and style of her eyebrows.

The woman, from Tetbury, The Cotswolds, added: “I dreamed of fluffy eyebrows for so long. I over-plucked my eyebrows when I was a teenager as it was the trend to have really thin brows.

“I was watching a TV show about plastic surgery in the United States, I’d never heard about it [before that]. I started to do a lot of research on the internet about how much it cost, it was super expensive.

“I decided to go to Poland because I’m Polish and everything in Poland is cheaper and well done. In England, it was £5,000. I paid £1,500, the difference was huge.

“The procedure was pain-free, the only thing that hurt was when they gave me two anaesthetic injections, one in my scalp and eyebrows, this was the only pain I felt.

“When I looked in the mirror and saw my new eyebrows for the first time I cried, I was so emotional because I’d waited for them for so long.”

After the procedure, Isabelle had to play a waiting game, as she was told not to wash or touch her eyebrows for two weeks.

And she also had to trust the process, as it’s normal for the initial hairs to fall out two months after having the procedure, before the full hairs grow in a few months after that.

She explained: “For at least two weeks after the transplant I couldn’t sleep on them, wash them or touch them, it was super hard. You have tiny hairs there for the first time and then two months after they fall out.

“It took four or five months for them to start to grow back permanently and they’d fully grown back by eight months. You have two or three months with nothing and you think it’s failed but it hasn’t, the doctor told me not to panic.”

Despite the need to trim her brows regularly, Isabelle couldn’t be happier with the way the procedure turned out, and even says it has “changed her life” as she no longer hides when being photographed.

She said: “It’s definitely given me more confidence because I would never take pictures too close to my face because I always hated my brows.

“I was always hiding, when anyone would take a picture I would put my hand on my brows. I look younger, it’s also made my make-up routine quicker in the morning, it just changed my life.”