Woman’s advert for dog sitter branded outrageous over £2.35 an hour wage

Welcoming a puppy into your home is a huge responsibility – and one which shouldn’t be jumped into with out a lot of thought and planning.

An owner has been slammed for expecting somebody to give up their time to watch over her puppy for as little as £2.35 per hour while she is busy.

Wanting them to work from 10am to 3pm from Monday to Friday, the woman says her Australian shepherd poodle cross currently weights 3lbs but will grow to about 15lbs.

On a poster advert, which has been shared on Reddit, she said: “Seeking dog sitter. Weekdays (MTWTF) 10am to 3pm. £200 per month. You can hang out at my apartment or bring her back to yours.”

While most users slammed her for adopting a dog she has “no time for”, others complained it could cost £200 per month in petrol just to get to her house and back.

One user said: “It’s basically a situation that could go either way. You could wind up really glad you made the call, or you could feel incredibly put upon and quickly regret making the call.

“The thing that really gets me though is them expecting the dog sitter to pay for the petrol. That is the stupidly exploitative part. £200 a month ain’t even covering the petrol to get to the dog.”

Another user added: “This dog is 3lbs, which puts it at just about eight-week- old even for a miniature poodle mix. At that age, five hours is going to be rough because there’s no way it’s already fully potty trained.”

A third user said: “If you’re expected to feed the dog, provide it with toys and a bed (if you take it to your own house), then I don’t see how £200 is going to cover it. You might end up loosing money, especially for the first few months.”

A professional dog sitter added: “We usually only accept bookings in either 30 minute or 1hr duration, which have their own prices, or they’re paying for a full house sitting.

“Assuming we’d do this booking (ludicrous, we have 40 clients we service regularly) for ‘day care’ we charge £10 per hour at five hours per day. At £50 per day for five days per week, it works out to be £250 per week or a clean £1,000 per month.

“These prices are competitive for our area. Asking someone to take their dog to your home is considered boarding in the industry, and boarding facilities lately are charging £100 per day for a single dog that’s £2,000 a month.”

However, some users would jumped at this opportunity – saying it’s ideal for people who work from home or an elderly person who doesn’t want to commit to having their own dog.

One user said: “If I am still working from home, I would 100 per cent take in a dog for the day. Especially if I don’t have to worry about medical bills/food costs. Plus I get paid £200/month? Sign me up!”

Another user added: “If you already have your own dog(s) they can pack train and make things much easier. Plus if they’re looking for a sitter instead of a trainer chances are they aren’t gonna micro manage training.”