Mum fumes as neighbours brand her ‘rude’ for pointing out their parking mistake

If you’re lucky enough to have a property with a driveway, you’ll probably be glad that you don’t have to deal with the nightmare of trying to find roadside parking on our already busy streets.

But what you do have to deal with is other drivers who might try and squeeze their car into a space that’s too small for their vehicle, and end up with their front or back end blocking part of your drive – making it tricky, and sometimes impossible, for you to get your car in or out.

That’s the problem one woman recently faced when she found her neighbour’s car was partially blocking her drive in such a way that meant she couldn’t get her car out without hitting theirs.

And when she went to ask them to move it, she was told there was “no need to be rude” – even though she insists she wasn’t “disrespectful or unkind” in any way.

In a post on Mumsnet titled “[Am I being unreasonable] to think it’s not rude to tell someone something is annoying?”, she said: “I came out today to find a car partially blocking my drive. I tried to squeeze around it but couldn’t without damaging next door’s car.

“I assumed it was a visitor of theirs, so I went to ask them to move it. The wife answered and said it was their car – someone had blocked their drive so they had to ‘shuffle down’.

“I replied that it wasn’t ok, and though I get that it’s annoying that their drive is blocked, they’re just as bad as whoever blocked their drive – in fact, it’s slightly worse as my car was actually on the drive so I was blocked in.

“She said she was sorry and that her husband had knocked [on my door], but I said I clearly either wasn’t there or didn’t hear so that they should have parked further down the road.

“She told me there was no need to be rude.

“I’ve thought about it since and I really don’t think I was – I didn’t say anything disrespectful or unkind, I didn’t raise my voice or swear- I just didn’t say ‘oh its ok, no worries’, which is what I feel was expected of me.”

The mum said she thought her situation was “super trivial” but wanted to know if she was in fact rude to ask them to move their car, as the conversation she had with her neighbour had “really irritated” her.

And commenters on the post were largely on her side, as many of them reassured her that it wasn’t rude of her to talk to her neighbours as long as she was “polite” about the situation.

One person said: “There’s nothing rude about telling someone they’ve parked like an a***hole if you were polite about it. Some people interpret criticism as rude.”

While another added: “Accusing someone of being rude for challenging your bad behaviour is a common tactic. If you were calm and polite but firm that’s hardly rude.”

And a third stated: “Parking to block your drive was rude. Once they had done that, they were in no position to tell anyone else off for supposedly being rude.”

But some said the woman was “a bit rude” to her neighbour, especially after they apologised for the inconvenience.

Someone wrote: “I think you were being a bit rude when you carried on about it after she apologised.”

As someone else said: “I’m a bit on the fence with this one. I would have knocked and said, ‘Hi, can you move your car please?’ To which, (hopefully) they would have said ‘Sure, no problem’ and done it.

“I mean ultimately they were being p***ks by parking there in the first place, but it does seem a bit like you were a bit rude carrying on after she apologised.”